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For those who are drawn powerboat cruising, the dream of tossing lines and heading off to a new destination, returning to a favorite waypoint or aiming the boat’s bow to where the sky meets the sea is palpable. And Power Voyager is a place dedicated to bringing power-cruising enthusiasts a little closer to realizing your boating dreams.

Whether it’s through the boats and gear you’ll need to get underway; tips on maintaining your vessel on-the-go; interesting personalities who are living the power-cruising lifestyle or helping you discover the next stop on your cruising itinerary, Power Voyager‘s aim is to keep you informed, educated and entertained on how to achieve your cruising goals, from coastal jaunts to beyond the horizon. 

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Fort Jefferson

Exploring Dry Tortugas

Fort Jefferson is just one of the many attractions boaters can experience during a visit to Dry Tortugas.

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