New Electronics to Make Your Boating Better

Imtra's new LEDs, Furuno's SC series compasses and Sat TV from Sailor.

April 21, 2018


More information available at Cobham. Cobham

High-throughput satellite (HTS) service has been snapping heads with fast speeds, allowing yachtsmen to binge-stream their favorite Netflix or Hulu content almost anywhere while staying connected with family. Cobham’s Sailor 600 VSAT Ku (call for pricing) satellite terminal harnesses HTS capability to deliver connectivity speeds that rival some at-home speeds. The terminal’s 60-centimeter dish is compact enough to facilitate installation aboard a range of vessels.

Furuno SC-70

Satellite Navigator

More information available at Furuno. Furuno

Furuno’s SC-70 and SC-130 compasses use satellites to get latitude, longitude and heading data, as well as other vessel-motion data such as pitch, roll and heave. Both units employ GPS data to provide speed information (+/- 0.02 knots). The SC-70 ($4,595) provides heading data accurate to four-tenths of a degree, while the SC-130 ($10,395) provides heading-data accuracy of one-quarter degree. Both have dedicated displays and NMEA 0183 and 2000 ­connectivity.

Aesthetic LED

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Imtra’s line of two-wire LED lights is designed to provide low draw and easy installation on new-build projects and refits alike. The LED lights (starting at $79 per light) are IP65-rated, have single- and bi-color dimming control via a Vimar dimmer switch, and are available in 10 models designed to match most yacht salons and interior spaces. Screw and spring mounting options are available, as are different trim rings to conceal prior installations in the same spot.


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