New Electronics in July

New products by Garmin, Raymarine and Simrad hit the marine electronics market.

New Electronics, Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad
The Raymarine Quantum CHIRP radar retails for $1,599.Courtesy Raymarine

Radar Chirping

CHIRP sonar technology can offer enhanced target separation of objects in the water column compared to traditional dual-frequency sounders. Raymarine has brought this technology above the waterline with its Quantum CHIRP radar ($1,599). Much like CHIRP sounders, it uses pulse-compression technology and FLIR's ATX advanced target-separation technology to offer enhanced imaging when operating at both short and long ranges. This compact, Wi-Fi-enabled radar installs with a single power cable (an Ethernet version is also available) and offers a range scale of 18 feet to 24 nautical miles. Quantum's low-power, solid-state transmitter ensures safe emissions, and its low power-consumption levels (17 watts when transmitting and 7 watts in standby mode) make it an interesting consideration for yachts as a backup radar.

New Electronics, Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad
The Precision-9 Compass by Simrad retails for $645.Courtesy Simrad Marine Electronics

Solid-State Compass

Most autopilot systems relyon networked fluxgate compasses for heading and rate-of-turn information, but these compasses can struggle in big seas or sharp turns. Simrad's Precision-9 Compass ($645) employs a solid-state sensor array that measures movement along nine axes to calculate heading and rate-of-turn information that's immune to pitching and rolling. It offers a pitch and roll range of ±45 degrees, and, once calibrated, its heading information is accurate to ±2 degrees. A single-cable installation lets the compass share data over the vessel's NMEA 2000 data backbone with networked instru­mentation or navigational systems.

New Electronics, Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad
Garmin Nautix retail for $399.Courtesy Garmin

Streaming Vision

The faster one travels over water, the greater the need for real-time information. Garmin's Nautix ($399) head-up display attaches to either leg of most glasses and displays data on an adjustable eyepiece screen. Nautix also wirelessly tethers to select Garmin multifunction devices to display real-time vessel system and instrumentation data, including engine rpm, boat speed and compass information. Users can customize up to 12 color-graphic pages. Anglers will appreciate water depth and temperature pages, while racing sailors will focus on advanced starting-line features.

New Electronics, Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad
The Nautix In-view Display attaches to either side of your glasses frame to give you full marine data in your line of sight.Courtesy Garmin