Forever Flare

Feel peace of mind with this long-lasting flare.

SOS Distress Light

The flare can be seen from more than 10 miles away and can last up to 6 hours.Courtesy Sirius Signal

Chances are you've replaced your share of emergency-signaling flares — their expiration dates always seem to arrive sooner than expected. Sirius Signal's SOS Distress Light ($99) solves this problem by using LED lights as the flare's light source. Sirius says that the flares can be seen from more than 10 nautical miles away and can operate for up to six hours at peak light-emitting intensity (and up to 60 hours of total operation) while satisfying all U.S. Coast Guard requirements. The SOS Distress Light is buoyant and delivers the peace of mind that your emergency-signaling device will never expire.

SOS Distress Light

The Distress Light uses LED lights as its life source.Courtesy Sirius Signal