Yachting Goes Garmin

Yachting tests out the latest in Garmin marine technology in this video.

We tested Garmin's newest electronics, including: GPSMAP 8600 multifunction display, FrontVü, VIRB camera and Fantom Radar.

The Garmin Gear:

GPSMAP 8600 multifunction display
The GPSMAP 8600 MFDs are available in 17-, 22-, and 24-inch displays.Courtesy Garmin
Garmin FrontVü
The Garmin FrontVü can see up to 300-foot forward to help awareness of obstructions.Courtesy Garmin
Garmin VIRB camera

Garmin VIRB

The Garmin VIRB is a still and video camera that seems tailor-made for the marine environment.Courtesy Garmin
Garmin Fantom Radar
The Garmin Fantom Radar uses doppler to prevent collisions.Courtesy West Marine