TV Onboard

Here are three smart ways to bring TV aboard.

Stow-and-Go Satellite
Popular among Bahamas fishing-tournament contenders, the Marine-Sat AzTrax system ($995) from GeoSat Solutions can be fitted permanently to a rail but is actually designed to be stowed while under way, and thus provides DirectTV or Dish Network programming without the usual bulbous protrusion aloft. Including a dedicated low-noise block (LNB) and remote control, the AzTrax setup has a compact, lightweight base assembly that attaches to the deck with a suction-cup mount or can be slotted into a rod holder. The widest component is the 16-inch dish, so stowing is easy. This single-axis satellite tracker works fine dockside or while swinging at anchor, but it is not intended to replace two-axis systems that lock onto satellites while a boat is moving through a seaway. GeoSat Solutions, 800-831- 9818;

Control Module
Flat-screen TVs changed the design of boats’ salons and staterooms. Gone are the deep cabinets that housed those tube televisions. Some now bracket televisions high on a bulkhead, as in a sports bar. A retro-futuristic alternative has flat-screens folding down, folding up or — driven by servomotors — rising out of the tops of the furniture. Inca manufactures these robust devices to withstand the stress induced by wave motion and pre-wired to take any combination of controller or swivel accessory. Control options include RF radio remote, rocker switch, infrared and 12-volt DC/dry contact closure for touch-screen commands. Lifts range from compact (for a 20-inch set) to “heavy-duty, ultrastable with swivel” (starting at $2,100), while fold-downs range from compact to “extend and swivel” (starting at $5,400). Inca, 877-961-4622;

Flat Organization
Majestic makes flat-screen televisions for boats. That means they run economically on both 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC, and some models incorporate a DVD player to economize on space. The 18-inch ($392) and 22-inch ($478) models, for example, weigh about 10 and 11½ pounds respectively — light weight to minimize stress on their mounting systems while the vessel is under way. Interior components have been coated to protect against moisture and cushioned against vibration, though the set needs to be mounted away from rain or spray. Majestic TVs display in high definition and accept all the standard video inputs. Majestic, 561-998-5888;


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