Say Hello to Sea Tow Yellow

Sea Tow wins trademark for the color yellow.

September 3, 2010

Sea Tow Yellow

Sea Tow has been issued a certificate of registration from the United States Patent and Trademark Office providing them the exclusive ownership of the color yellow for their marine assistance service.

     Sea Tow has pushed for this trademark after a number of cases where other marine assistance companies with yellow painted hulls attempted to deceive mariners into thinking they were affiliated with Sea Tow.

    With the acquisition of the yellow trademark, mariners in need of assistance can be certain when they see a boat with a yellow hull heading their way that is in fact Sea Tow.  “This is a victory we’ve been working hard to achieve for years,” “says Sea Tow founder and CEO Capt. Joe Fohnhoefer. “This assures boaters that the yellow-hulled boat responding to them is, in fact, an insured and U.S. Coast Guard licensed professional Sea Tow provider.”         

     Sea Tow has joined the United Postal Service (brown), Owings Corning (pink) and The Home Depot (orange) in becoming a private company to have the trademark to a color.

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