In 49 Minutes, They Got the Boat Back

GOST’s Nav-Tracker 1.0 helps in recovery of stolen 34-foot Regulator.

GOST's Nav-Tracker 1.0 helped recover a stolen 34-foot Regulator inside of 49 minutes.GOST

Since 2009, the speed record for recovering a stolen boat has stood at 54 minutes, according to Global Ocean Security Technologies.

The company’s Nav-Tracker 1.0 system just beat that time, aiding in the recovery of a stolen 34-foot Regulator inside of 49 minutes.

GOST says thieves stole the boat — named, ironically, Can't Touch This — on May 13 in South Florida. The GOST system went into alert mode when the boat breached its digital geofence. The owner notified the authorities, and the U.S. Coast Guard found the boat abandoned in Miami Beach.

“We have trusted GOST to track our boats since 2011 and am happy to report that the system performed exactly to specification, giving us immediate geofence alerts,” Capt. JD Ducanes stated in a press release. “We contacted USCG Miami, who had assets in the area and responded quickly, ensuring our vessel was returned safely.”

What information does the GOST system send to owners? Vessel name, latitude, longitude, and speed and heading, all via text message and email.