GOST Unveils the Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM

The vessel-monitoring system alerts yacht owners when sensors are tripped on board.

Electronics, GOST
Nav-Tracker 3.0 SMCourtesy Gostglobal

GOST used the recent Seattle Boat Show to display its new Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM, an update to previous Nav-Tracker systems that alerts owners via text or email when onboard sensors trip or a geo-fence is breached.

The Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM has a new interface unit that lets the system integrate with hardwired sensors, so it can trigger a siren and/or strobe in addition to existing features. The system can be controlled remotely via the GOST Nav-Tracker website, which can update a yacht’s speed, heading, latitude and longitude every two to 30 minutes.

“Our Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM adds new functionality to our established line of vessel-monitoring and surveillance systems,” GOST CEO Jay Keenan stated in a press release.

In case you missed it: Version 1.0 of this system helped lead to the arrest of boat thieves in the Bahamas.