Electronics: Power Conservation

IMED's load-control system lets you do more with less.

The LME-LCM6 has six-load control outputs and two alarmed, auxiliary-control outputs.Courtesy IMED

Generators are fantastic at powering onboard systems and devices, but they can get overwhelmed. IMED's IME-LCM6 ($1,298) load-control system is designed to ameliorate overloading worries by monitoring the yacht's main electrical system and employing user-created settings to depower less-critical systems and devices during high power-draw situations.

The IME-LCM6 repowers these devices when the overall power supply allows. It has six load-control outputs and two alarmed, auxiliary-control outputs; vessel and systems depending, it can also allow you to spec a smaller-size generator capable of satisfying the yacht’s average load, rather than its peak.