Hodgdon Opens Tender Facility

Damariscotta, Maine, is now the builder’s home for superyacht-styled custom tenders.

Hodgdon Limo Tender

The Hodgdon Limo Tender is a design that has proved popular with superyacht owners.Courtesy Hodgdon

More and more superyacht owners want custom and semi-custom tenders, and Hodgdon Yachts is ready to supply them. The longtime boatbuilder recently opened Hodgdon Custom Tenders in Damariscotta, Maine.

“After greatly expanding the work force and presence in East Boothbay and elsewhere on the peninsula, Hodgdon was fortunate to find a facility immediately available in the region,” the company stated in a news release.

Hodgdon Custom Tenders builds 27- to 39-foot tenders that typically are housed aboard superyachts 250 feet and larger. To see some of the builder’s tenders in action, visit www.limitenders.com or www.hodgdonyachts.com.