Riva Yacht’s Boutique Unveils New Products

The Riva Boutique continues to unveil all kinds of products that capture the essence of the Italian boatbuilder's yachts.

Riva's Trunk
The Riva Boutique’s online store now has product departments including furniture, clothing and collectibles. Courtesy Riva

Riva, which has been launching boats in Italy since 1842, continues to broaden its brand with numerous products and experiences that fans can enjoy, separate from the exhilaration of spending a day out on the water aboard a Riva-built yacht.

New this year, for instance, is a Riva Privée that recently opened at the Cristallo, which is a luxury resort and spa in Italy. The temporary space will be open to guests at the resort’s Stube 1872 restaurant, where the chef has created a specialty Riva menu that highlights flavors evocative of the sea.

Riva Boutique products
Colors and materials in all Riva Boutique products are based on what boaters will see aboard Riva yachts. Courtesy Riva

For fans of the Riva brand who can’t make it to Italy this summer to enjoy a taste or cruise, there is the Riva Boutique, which is accessible online. This shop for all things Riva has grown into a sizable store with offerings now available in multiple departments, including clothing, accessories, furniture and collectibles. 

Riva’s products are intended to suit all kinds of tastes, from pocket knives to cashmere hats to toys for the kids. Visitors to the online store will also find pillows, beach towels, sushi sets, coin trays, polo shirts, scarves, robes, bathing suits, lamps, tables, chairs and more. Serious collectors can choose a bronze fountain pen ($1,666) or metal scale models of some of the most popular boat models Riva has launched throughout the shipyard’s history.

Riva’s Pocket Knife
Riva’s Pocket Knife Set Courtesy Riva

Riva makes two versions of its pocket knife: the Aquarama (seen here), with a classic wooden handle, or “hull,” and the Rivamare, whose handle has the kind of silver finish seen on some of the builder’s newer boats. The handles have different shapes, just like the boat hulls, and, when the knives are open, they look like boats underway. The two are sold in a set ($1,212). 

Riva’s Leather Backgammon
Riva’s Leather Backgammon Set Courtesy Riva

This leather Backgammon set ($5,050) is made with mahogany, maple, steel and leather—all materials that can be found aboard Riva yachts. A Mambo fabric set ($2,828) is also available.

Riva’s Mareminerale Fragrance Diffuser
Riva’s Mareminerale Fragrance Diffuser Courtesy Riva

The Mareminerale fragrance diffuser ($133) is a way to bring home the scent of dawn over the sea, making just about any place reminiscent of a walk along the shoreline. 

Riva’s Cashmere Hat
Riva’s Borgo Cashmere Hat Courtesy Riva

Riva worked with Italy’s Borgo Cashmere to create this hat ($222), which is inspired by the classic sailor’s wool cap. Note the Riva logo in chrome-plated metal.

Riva’s Atmosphere Set
Riva’s Balancing Holder Atmosphere Set Courtesy Riva

This balancing holder Atmosphere set($338) can hold and tilt either the Riva diffuser or candle ($66), both created by Culti Milano for the Riva home collection.  

Riva’s Toy Set
Riva’s Four-Piece Toy Set Courtesy Riva

This is just one boat in the four-piece Riva toy set ($515), which includes an Aquarama, an Aquariva, a Rivarama, and a toy truck to deliver any of them to the water. 

Riva’s Trunk
Riva’s Grooved Mahogany Trunk Courtesy Riva

Built of grooved mahogany, the Riva trunk (price on request) can be used to store footwear, towels or whatever owners want aboard a yacht, in a home foyer or elsewhere.

Riva is working with other Italian-based brands, such as Borgo Cashmere and Culti Milano, to bring ever more products to market. They all share the styling that boaters will recognize aboard any Riva yacht, with colors and materials that can blend in aboard or bring a slice of the sea into various parts of a home ashore.  

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