Auto-Steering, Easier than Ever

The Simrad SG05 autopilot is compatible with navigation, steering and docking systems.

Simrad SG05 autopilot

The Simrad SG05 autopilot aims to make auto-steering easier than ever.Courtesy Simrad

The new Simrad SG05 autopilot is meant to break new ground when it comes to auto-steering aboard your boat.

According to Simrad, the SG05 offers full compatibility with Simrad navigation systems, as well as with SeaStar Solutions’ Optimus Power Steering and Optimus 360 Joystick docking control systems. When combined, these features create an integrated autopilot system. The SGO5 autopilot will guide the Optimus equipment to a waypoint, heading or set turn pattern, such as a U-turn or spiral turn. Anglers can use depth tracking to let the SG05 steer a route, too.

The Simrad SG05 also can be controlled via a Simrad AP24, AP28 or OP10 autopilot control unit.

“The SG05 is the most cost effective, easy to install and feature-packed autopilot available,” Navico CEO Leif Ottosson stated in a press release. “It combines nearly 70 years of Simrad autopilot excellence with innovative new technologies such as joystick steering and eliminates the need for an additional autopilot pump.”

Prices for the SG05 start at $1,018. Learn more at