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Five Reasons to List your Yacht with a Broker

Brokers are an important part in the buying and selling process.

January 13, 2016
Courtesy HMY Yachts

Time equals money when selling your yacht, and an experienced broker is your best ally. Their marketplace knowledge reduces the amount of time your yacht is on the market – directly impacting your bottom line – and they have the expertise to negotiate top dollar for it.

Here are five reasons to list your yacht with a broker:

  • Brokers live and breathe the yachting lifestyle. They have deep networks of buyers, sellers and other brokers looking for the right yacht. They can also access to multiple listings providing a steady stream of potential buyers. The end result? A sold sign on your yacht sooner rather than later.

  • Brokers have expertise within the market. With hundreds of transactions under their belt and access to the latest market evaluations, the right broker can suggest the best pricing for optimum payout with minimum time on market.

  • Top brokers work at top firms. These firms have massive marketing power, giving your yacht better visibility among a qualified audience of buyers via print, digital and social advertising. They also have specialized support staff to make closing your deal quick and hassle-free.

  • Brokers can take care of the intangibles. They can assist in finding the best place to keep your yacht during the for-sale process, providing maximum visibility to potential buyers. Brokers can recommend the best marine surveyors, and can arrange staging your when it’s time to show a buyer.

  • Brokers can overcome obstacles. What about the survey? Or a negotiation challenge? Your broker has years of experience navigating these waters, taking you to closing faster, and managing potential hiccups to ensure a seamless sale.

  • A smart and knowledgeable broker is a one-stop shop for selling your yacht. They will ask the right questions, set a fair price representative of your yacht’s true worth, market it properly and guide you the whole way.


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