Your Tunes at Your Fingertips

An updated Fusion app turns iPhones and iPads into marine-stereo remote controls.

Fusion app for iPhone and iPad

Fusion app for iPhone and iPad

New Zealand-based Fusion has released an update for its Fusion-Link Remote Control app, which now enables Bluetooth control of compatible Fusion marine entertainment systems from Apple mobile devices including iPhones and iPads.

The Fusion-Link Remote Control app lets users navigate, stream and control music and independent audio zones, with the interface for albums, artists and playlists being as easy to use as the one on Fusion stereos.

The app also lets users navigate the menu of DVD-enabled systems, eliminating the need to carry separate remote controls for stereo and video systems.

“At Fusion, we are constantly on the cutting edge of innovation, and our Fusion-Link advantage keeps our products ahead of the pack,” Fusion Entertainment Managing Director Chris Baird stated in a press release. “Whether on deck or at the helm, quick and easy access to onboard entertainment is now only an app away.”

Compatible Fusion stereos: MS-UD650, MS-AV650, MS-UD750 and MS-AV750.

Android version: now in development for future release.

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