First Details Revealed: wallywhy100

The wallywhy100 joins the wallywhy200 and wallywhy150 in the model line.

Wally’s wallywhy100 can be used as a weekender or as a support yacht. Courtesy Wally

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Wally has revealed the first details about its 69-foot wallywhy100, which is joining the wallywhy200 and wallywhy150 in the builder’s lineup.

Exteriors on the wallywhy100 are by the Wally-Ferretti Group engineering team, with Studio A. Vallicelli & C. responsible for the interior design. The yacht is being marketed as a crossover between a coupé boat and a cruiser with significant volume.

“Whilst beautiful and sleek, traditional coupés do not offer the comfort and livability that today’s owners expect from their boats,” Stefano de Vivo, Wally’s managing director, stated in a press release. “In the same way, larger and more voluminous boats generally don’t offer speed or usage flexibility. This leaves owners with a tough choice: Do they want to compromise on comfort or performance?”

The philosophy of the wallywhy lineup is to eliminate that choice and provide both. For instance, on the wallywhy100, the cockpit is pushed far forward to create more space for indoor-outdoor living areas, but there’s also a slightly reversed bow to help with performance in most weather conditions.

Wally says the wallywhy100 could be used on its own as a weekender yacht or as a support vessel for a larger yacht, thanks to its crew quarters and toy-stowage capacity.

Electrically regulated glass: The en suite head in the master stateroom has glass that can be transparent or opaque, depending on whether owners want the master overall to feel larger or if they want their privacy.

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