Wider 150: Batteries Included

Wider’s new battery-electric propulsion system is a big leap forward for the yachting industry.

Wider 150
Used on commercial vessels, Wider’s quiet, fuel-sipping hybrid system could bring a new power paradigm to yachts.Courtesy Wider

The diesel-electric system on the Wider 150 is a rung or two up the evolutionary ladder from the typical hybrid power plant. Instead of designing the engine room at the stern with two monster diesels pushing the 154-footer, Wider split the system into three ­areas. Four 350 kW MAN generators are up near the bow, 52 lithium-polymer batteries sit in the midsection, and two Azipods are connected to Veth Propulsion electric motors at the stern. This frees up space in the aft section of the boat, allowing for a tender garage that can fit a 32-footer and that converts to a swimming pool.

The 52 ESTechnologies batteries are grouped in strings of 13, allowing Wider’s power management system to balance the energy in the cells continuously, for longer life. On just battery power, the yacht can cruise at 5 knots for six hours or sit quietly at anchor for eight hours, drawing full house power. With generators running, the 150 has a range of 4,700 nautical miles at 10 knots, sipping just 22 gph.

The 150 was also designed to be both quiet and vibration-free underway: The owner’s cabin measures 44.5 decibels at 10 knots, about the same as the hum of a new refrigerator.

Wider 150
Counter-rotating and spinning props on Veth Propulsion’s Azipod system enhance turning and docking, and they eliminate the traditional engine room. The Visedo electric motor (right), fed by lithium-polymer battery banks and four 350 kw generators, provides the power to the Azipod.Courtesy Wider