Want Super-Clear HDTV On Board?

KVH unveils four TracVision TV antenna systems to support digital programming at sea.

March 26, 2014

KVH TracVision TV6

KVH TracVision TV6 lets boaters access satellite systems through smartphones and other devices. Courtesy KVH

Marine satellite television antenna systems are a boater’s best friend when it comes to watching things like DirecTV, Dish Network and Ku-band digital movies and shows. KVH Industries is trying to corner that market with its TracVision TV1, TV3, TV5 and TV6 systems, all unveiled at this month’s Palm Beach International Boat Show.

The four systems, which together comprise the KVH TracVision TV-series, offer a web-based user interface that lets you access the system from any smartphone, tablet, smart TV or computer. Other features include easy setup and operation thanks to a streamlined, IP-enabled TV hub.

“The TracVision TV-series brings satellite TV at sea to an entirely new level, providing not only the great performance that TracVision is known for, but also the ease of use that today’s yacht owners and ship operators expect,” CEO Martin Kits stated in a press release. “From your smartphone, you can easily complete the setup of the system and start enjoying TV entertainment. Plus, the single-cable design means the TracVision TV-series is ideal for retrofits, no matter what type of system a boat may have.”


TracVision TV1 (12.5-inch antenna) is being marketed to coastal and inland cruisers. TracVision TV3 (14.5-inch antenna) is said to be good as far as 100 nautical miles offshore. TracVision TV5 (18-inch antenna) provides access to worldwide regional programming. TracVision TV6 (24-inch antenna) is intended for cruising offshore, including long passages.

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