The Takeover is Nearly Complete

Sabre Yachts is moving from shaft to pod drives, which are now on all motoryacht models.

Sabre 42

The Sabre 42 is among the models now available with pod drives instead of straight shafts.Courtesy Sabre Yachts

Sabre Yachts is making a transition from shaft-driven to pod-driven designs, and all six of its current motoryachts from 38 to 54 feet are now available with the technology. Only the Sabre 54 Salon Express and Fly Bridge can still be ordered with straight shafts.

“Just as Grand Prix race car technology finds its way down to the cars we drive, and superyacht technologies come to every man’s motoryacht, so too have pods come from commercial to recreational use,” Sabre stated in an explanation of the changeover.

Benefits of pods, according to Sabre, include great close-quarters handling through joystick control, dramatically reduced vibration and sound levels, fuel savings of 10 to 30 percent through efficiency, and a “station hold” feature that makes it easier to idle while waiting for a bridge opening, a spot at the fuel dock or anything else.

Sabre installs the Volvo IPS pod system in its 38- and 54-foot models, and the Cummins-Zeus pod system in its 42- and 48-foot models. The builder says Caterpillar and Yanmar are working on test systems now that should also become available in the future.

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