Lomac 540 IN Spearfishing RIB Tender

An Adventure RIB Tender built for reefs, wrecks and sport-fishing haunts.

The Lomac 540 IN Spearfishing RIB was designed by spearfishing experts for spearfishing enthusiasts.Courtesy Lomac

Marco Bardi, the Italian freediving ­spearfishing champion, helped design the Lomac 540 IN Spearfishing center-console. The rigid-bottom inflatable measures 17 feet, 9 inches length overall with an 8-foot beam. Lomac sells the boats without engines to dealers, allowing owners to customize their outboard selection; however, Lomac recommends a 60 hp engine for the 540 IN Spearfishing RIB. Whom It’s For: This RIB is built for anglers who also like to spend time afloat with friends and family.

Picture This: It’s early May, and grouper and mahimahi season has started off the Florida Keys. You and your buddies jump aboard the Lomac 540 IN Spearfishing RIB and cruise out of Key West to the wrecks. The boat’s deck spaces keep all your gear well-organized, and the fish are plentiful. Dinner will soon be served.

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