Furuno NXT Radar Series

Doppler functionality, solid-state hardware, and more powerful models make the NXT Radar unlike all others

High-power (100- and 200-watt) versions of the NXT radar are now available, and thanks to Doppler technology and Furuno’s advanced software, interpreting the radar returns are easier than ever before. Target Analyzer turns targets red if they’re potential hazards and green if they aren’t, while the Fast Target Tracking function displays target vectors in seconds. And no matter how large or small your boat is, there’s an NXT model that will fit perfectly; options include a 24-inch dome and 3.5-, 4- and 6-foot open arrays.

Furuno NXT Radar SeriesCourtesy Furuno

Price: $2,600 (DRS4D-NXT); $5,400 (DRS6A-NXT); (DRS12A-NXT and DRS25A-NXT upon request)

Contact: furunousa.com