Imtra Expands Zipwake Offerings

The trim-control system now has a Series E line of interceptors available.

Zipwake Series E
Zipwake's E-series interceptors are designed for larger yachts, up to 100 feet LOA.Courtesy Imtra

Imtra has expanded its Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System offerings with a Series E line of interceptors.

The Zipwake Series E is engineered for bigger boats. The product line evolved from the Series S, which was designed for vessels from 20 to 50 feet length overall.

“Larger vessels have their own unique design challenges,” Jamie Simmons, Zipwake product manager for Imtra, stated in a press release, “and the Zipwake system has been expanded to accommodate these hull shapes.”

Series E includes three straight, three tunnel and two chine interceptors. The modular design of the interceptors makes them well suited for planing or semi-planing boats from 40 to 100 feet length overall, according to Zipwake. The Series E deploys at a speed of 1.6 inches per second (40 mm per second) for a total stroke of 2.4 inches (60 mm).

Zipwake Series E
Plug a vessel's vitals into the Zipwake system and it will autotrim the vessel. The interceptors can also be adjusted manually via that paddlewheel.Courtesy Imtra

In contrast to straight interceptors, the tunnel interceptor’s constant radius curvature allows for mounting above the propeller tunnel. The three tunnel models (R500, R600 and R800) have different radii, making sure that most large boat propeller tunnels can be covered with negligible deviation between hull and interceptor curvature.

How do yachtsmen control running trim, heeling or heading? By using 3D controls with an LCD display.

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