Quantum Introduces Dyna-Foil Stabilizers

Quantum’s new Dyna-Foil stabilizers work at Zero Speed and underway.

Quantum Stabilizers has introduced Dyna-Foil.Courtesy Quantum

Quantum Stabilizers has introduced Dyna-Foil, a roll-reduction stabilizer system that works at Zero Speed and underway.

When the Quantum team introduced Zero Speed stabilization in 1999, it changed the yachting industry. The company has now spent several years developing Dyna-Foil, which fully retracts into a pocket, or to a position parallel with a yacht’s hull.

Quantum says the Dyna-Foil system’s stabilizer moment is as much as 150 percent greater than that of standard fixed fins at Zero Speed.

Smart partners: Quantum worked with MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) on third-party testing for the Dyna-Foil system.

Learn how the Dyna-Foil technology works: go to the Quantum website.