Perini Navi Group Launches 60 Meter Sailing Yachts

The Perini Navi Group signed contracts for a total value of over 70 million Euro for the new line of 60 meter sailing yachts.


(Viareggio, July 18th 2011) The Perini Navi Group has launched a new series of 60 meter sailing yachts and has already signed two sales contracts for a total value of more than 70 million Euro. The two yachts, a ketch – C.2193 – and a sloop - C.2218 – will be delivered in 2013 and 2014 respectively. The new line of 60 meter sailing yachts – created and designed by the Perini Navi Group – represents the natural evolution of the successful 56 meter series that has already seen 10 yachts launched.

In the year 2010 four yachts, three sailing yachts and one motor yacht, were delivered. These were Panthalassa and Melek, 56 meter ketches and Fivea, a 45 meter sloop and Exuma, a 50 meter Picchiotti from the Vitruvius® series motor yacht, the first motor yacht produced by the Perini Navi Group. On top of these deliveries, a contract for a 45 meter sailing yacht was also signed.

Since last June Fidelis – the tenth yacht in the 56 meter series – was delivered and in August 2011 the second Picchiotti motor yacht of the Vitruvius® series, a 55 meter C.2156, will be delivered. Within the end of the summer the Group will also consign the fourth yacht in their 45 meter sailing yacht series.

The Perini Navi Group with a fleet of 51 yachts on the water- 50 sailing yachts and 1 motor yacht- is a leader in the design and construction of large sailing yachts. In 2007, the Group also began to build motor yachts with the brand name Picchiotti and the series name Vitruvius, thus re-launching the historic Picchiotti shipyard acquired in the early 1990s. The Group is made up of the Perini Navi shipyard in Viareggio, founded in the 1980s by Fabio Perini who invented and developed a revolutionary automatic sail control system. Another division of the Group is the Picchiotti shipyard in La Spezia where the Group constructs its motor yachts and concentrates most of it refitting work, and the Perini Istanbul shipyard in Yildiz, Turkey where its hulls and deck structures are produced. Perini Navi USA is a commercial division of the Group through whom owners of Perini Navi Group yachts can arrange charters and which also provides brokerage services for both new and previously owned Perini Navi Group yachts.