Now That’s Different

A Lamborghini owner wanted a boat to match, and this was the result.

Lamborghini boat

Top speed on this Lamborghini-inspired boat is expected to be about 190 mph.Courtesy CNN

It all started with a Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 Roadster, a car with a top speed of 217 mph and that will run you about $400,000.

That wasn’t enough for aficionado Gene Gargiulo. He took delivery of his Giallo Maggio yellow (read: banana bright) collectible car and decided he wanted a boat to match. He tapped Marine Technology, Missouri-based builder of go-fast boats, to build the 48-foot powercatamaran.

It originally had 1,350-hp Mercury Racing engines installed for crowds to gawk at, but it ultimately will be equipped with 1,650-hp versions. Top speed is expected to be about 190 mph — not quite what the car can do on land, but certainly fast enough to get the attention of anyone who misses the boat’s sleek shape.

For those lucky enough to take a seat at the cockpit, details will match the car in a surprising number of ways. The steering wheel, air vents and dashboard are all modeled after the car, and the boat has a similar start button beneath a red lid.

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