Not Your Father’s J Class

A renaissance can be defined as a revival of intellectual or artistic achievement and vigor. By that definition, Renaissance of the J Class, a modern redesign of the fabled sailing class from the 1930s by British designer George Wolstenholme, is appropriately named.

November 9, 2013

J Class deck rendering

Under the shade of a towering carbon-fiber mast is a simple yet spacious top deck intended for the easy movement of large crews and even bigger sails.

J Class lower salon rendering

A generously sized glass house amidships is both an exterior focal point and interior center­piece.

J Class oversize hull windows

Thanks to oversize hull windows, the upper salon is inundated with natural light, adding to the sense of spaciousness belowdecks and improving the interior/exterior continuity of the craft.

J Class master suite

Light fabrics, wall cladding, mirrors and reflective surfaces also enhance this design.

J Class Dressing Room

Only time will tell if this Renaissance will last, but we are excited to see this concept brought to life someday.

J Class Layout Options

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