The Next-Generation Submersible

Triton 36000/3 will build on what we see in James Cameron’s ‘Deepsea Challenge 3D’

August 20, 2014

Triton 36000/3 Full Ocean Depth

This is a rendering of how the Triton 36000/3 might look. Courtesy Triton Submarines

As James Cameron’s film “Deepsea Challenge 3D” is wowing moviegoers, the team at Triton Submarines is working on the next-generation of personal submersibles.

The 36000/3—which will have a depth of 36,000 feet and seats for three people—is being designed with an entirely transparent pressure hull made of glass. It will open and close like a clamshell and have touchscreen controls for dives to the deepest parts of the ocean in just two hours’ time. The submersible will be able to stay at depth for 12 hours before beginning the two-hour return trip to the surface.

“Up until now, deep diving submersibles have always had small viewing ports, which give no real appreciation of the environment or the life around you,” says Ron Allum, the chief designer of Deepsea Challenger. “A glass-hull-equipped submersible will provide an entirely different viewing and sensory experience.”


Triton has already begun materials and model testing on the 36000/3. The company is now looking for a client who shares the company’s vision.

“‘Deepsea Challenge 3D’ shows just how little we know about the deep trenches in our oceans,” says Triton President Patrick Lahey. “It’s crazy. We are searching the heavens for a planet with water, yet we have never explored the water on our own world. We need more visionaries like Cameron to help us explore and better understand the most important ecosystem on our planet.”

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