Hinckley Yacht Purchased by Matt Lauer

Longtime host of The Today Show buys new Hinckley Yacht

Hinckley Picnic Boat MKIII
This is the new Hinckley Picnic Boat MKIII model that was purchased by Matt Lauer, host of The Today Show.Courtesy Hinckley Yachts

Paparazzi cameras were recently trained on Sag Harbor Bay off the coast of New York's Long Island, where Matt Lauer, host of The Today Show, was seen getting some driving lessons for his brand-new Hinckley jet boat, Resilient.

News reports everywhere from the New York Daily News to Soundings Trade Only have stated that Resilient is a Hinckley T38, but the model and the photo of Lauer at the helm didn't match up when our editors looked at them. We contacted Hinckley Yachts directly and confirmed that Resilient is actually the builder's new-model Picnic Boat MKIII.

The Picnic Boat MKIII has a length overall of 36 feet, 11 inches. Her twin 320-hp Yanmar 8LV V8 diesels and Hamilton 274 jets push her to a top speed of 32 knots and a cruising speed of 29 knots.

Lauer was no doubt getting lessons on how to drive Resilient using Hinckley's JetStick steering system, which comes standard on the Picnic Boat MKIII.

Hinckley has built some 450 Picnic Boat hulls since drafting the original design more than 15 years ago. See lots of great photos of the new MKIII iteration of the Picnic Boat at www.hinckleyyachts.com.

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