John Kerry’s Yacht in hot water

Massachusetts Senator and former presidential candidate faces criticism after purchasing yacht from New Zealand.

John Kerry

Massachusetts senator John Kerry has come under fire from New England boat builders after he purchased Isabel, a $7 million yacht built in New Zealand.

With many American custom yacht companies struggling to stay afloat, Kerry’s decision not to buy American has come at a controversial time.

Senator Kerry, was a leader in introducing the American Power Act that “will create millions of good jobs that cannot be shipped abroad,” said Kerry.


“There are plenty of people here in New England who could have built the same yacht they built in New Zealand,” says Cabot Lyman, Owner and President of Lyman Morse Boat Building, and a former classmate of Kerry’s. “At least half of that $7 million would have gone towards labor which goes into the hands of our workers, and right back into the local community.”

Kerry’s Massachusetts state director Drew O’Brien came to Kerry’s defense, saying, “When it comes to creating and preserving jobs and economic opportunity in Massachusetts, no one has worked harder in Washington than John Kerry. Sen. Kerry is using smarts, clout and good old-fashioned hard work to make the Massachusetts economy grow and prosper.”


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