Hinckley to Offer IPS Drives

The 2014 Talaria 48 and Picnic Boat will come with either jets or the Volvo pod system.

Hinckley to offer IPS drives on Picnic Boat
Hinckley Yachts now offers IPS drives as an optional power package for Picnic Boats like this one.Courtesy Hinckley Yachts

The 2014 model year begins this month at Hinckley Yachts, and for the first time ever, the builder will be offering Volvo IPS pod drives as an option on two of its models.

This year, the IPS drives are available on the Talaria 48 and the Picnic Boat. Hinckley plans to expand the option to additional models in the future. Jet propulsion, which Hinckley has offered for the past 20 years, will continue to be the standard system on all models.

Hinckley builds boats from 29 to 55 feet long and so far has launched some 850 boats with jet propulsion systems.

“Our core values include building the best boats and providing the best ownership experience,” Hinckley CEO Jim McManus stated in a press release. “For some, the best ownership experience will include IPS. The forward-facing props bite into clean, undisturbed water to provide different ride characteristics. They track well, handle well around the dock and save the boater a bit of money at purchase.”

The IPS 450 system will be the option on the Picnic Boat, giving it a 33-knot cruising speed and a 37-knot top speed. Standard 370-hp Yanmar 8LV diesels offer a 32-knot cruising speed and a 34-knot top speed.

The IPS 800 system will be the option for the Talaria 48, giving it a 33-knot cruising speed and a 35-knot top end. The same speeds are achieved with the standard 725-hp Volvo diesels paired with Hamilton HJ 364s, but the IPS system uses less horsepower.

Learn more at www.hinckleyyachts.com.