Furuno Adds 2 New Fish Finders

The third-generation Furuno FCV588 ad FCV628 now incorporate RezBoost technology.

March 24, 2016
FCV588, FCV628, Furuno


The the FCV588 and FCV628 have the same look and footprint as previous Furuno fish finders, so retrofitting is no problem. Courtesy Furuno

Furuno has introduced two new fish finder units, the FCV588 and FCV628. Both are third-generation designs that incorporate RezBoost, a first for Furuno with a standalone fish finder.

The manufacturer introduced RezBoost last year. It is a signal-processing technology that improves resolution and target separation, creating an image that Furuno says is eight times sharper than what anglers see on units with conventional signal processing.

The FCV588 has an 8.4-inch color LCD screen, while the FCV628 has a 5.6-inch version. Both units are designed to fit in the helm footprint of their predecessor models, the FCV620/FCV627 and the FCV585/FCV587.


Additional tech in the box: Both of the new Furuno fish finders have Bottom Discrimination, Accu-Fish and Post-Processing Gain Control features.


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