Florida Boat Sales Tax: Put a Lid on it

$18,000 Florida boat sales tax cap begins today.

July 1, 2010

governor Crist

Governor Crist’s office

The larger jobs for Florida bill takes effect today, and places an $18,000 cap on the sales tax on boat purchases. Signed into law by Florida Governor Charlie Crist, the change is being hailed as a victory by the marine industry. Florida businesses have been losing sales to other states and foreign countries with a lower sales taxes.

        “With the passage of this bill, Florida will once again become a popular place to purchase a vessel, especially for those contemplating purchases over $300,000,” says Frank Herold, executive director of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida.           

Florida Yacht sales have already seen a boom in anticipation of July 1.

        “This will make it simpler to buy and sell a boat in Florida,” says South Florida Yachts broker John Gouldson. “I’ve already seen positive feedback in the last few weeks, it’s such a good thing for the industry.”

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