The First ‘Smart’ Watermaker

Dometic introduces Sea Xchange XTC with embedded Smart Touch software.


Dometic Marine has introduced the Sea Xchange XTC Series watermaker, marketing it as the world’s first “smart” watermaker. It offers mechanical redundancy along with Dometic’s embedded Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control (STIIC) software.

STIIC makes it possible for owners or captains to monitor and adjust the watermaker via a mobile app, tablet or computer. Users can check the watermaker’s status, change settings, turn it on or off, and diagnose problems.

“The Sea Xchange XTC is the first ‘smart’ watermaker,” Ken Taranto, vice president of aftermarket sales, stated in a press release. “No other watermaker system lets you override automatic operation and switch to mechanical operation, nor does any other watermaker provide two-way interactive intelligence that lets you monitor, control and troubleshoot your system.”

The Sea Xchange XTC Series has an output of 600 to 2,200 gallons per day, using reverse osmosis to turn seawater into drinkable water.
Learn more at, or check out this video of the new watermaker: