Find the Fish, Then Go Right to Them

Lowrance launches Elite-5 Dual Imaging Series, announces partnership with MotorGuide.

Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Combo

The Lowrance Elite-5 HDI combination fish finder/chart plotter.Courtesy Lowrance

Starting in August, Lowrance will have its new Elite-5 Hybrid Dual Imaging Series available to boaters everywhere. The Elite-5 HDI will come as a standalone fishfinder, a standalone chartplotter or a fishfinder/chartplotter combo, with prices starting at $349.

The new Elite-5 HDI models include hybrid dual imaging, which combines Broadband Sounder and Downscan Imaging technology. The Broadband Sounder feature marks fish arches and tracks lure action, while the Downscan Imaging feature creates picture-like views of structure and bottom detail. The new models let boaters overlay the Downscan Imaging view over the Broadband Sounder view.

Now, about finding those fish to show on your monitor: Lowrance also has announced a new partnership with MotorGuide, which builds electric trolling motors. The partnership will create PinpointConnect, which integrates Lowrance HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch fishfinder/chartplotters with MotorGuide’s Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor — so that boaters can find the fish and then position the boat precisely above them, using the chartplotter display or a wireless handset for navigation.

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