Everything — at Your Fingertips

KEP’s Intelligent Vessel Management System allows total monitoring and control.


The three versions of KEP's IVMS system have increasing levels of functionality and complexity.Courtesy KEP

New Jersey-based Kessler-Ellis Products says the new KEP IVMS (Intelligent Vessel Management System) gives recreational boaters the ability to monitor and control critical assets and information, including real-time alerts.

The product comes in three configurations: IVMS, IVMS Pro and IVMS Unlimited. Programmable logic controllers are the heart of all three versions, making each one easy to install, compact in terms of size and easy to program. Systems to be monitored include pumps, bilges, carbon dioxide detectors, smoke detectors and actuators (and many more).

The standard IVMS package is ideal for boats 50 feet and smaller, with a 7-inch touchscreen display and a choice of 16 monitoring selections. The IVMS Pro adds an expanded software package and additional monitoring selections. IVMS Unlimited is designed for offshore boaters and adds customizable alarm monitoring with as many as 10,000 controllable measuring points.

Also worth noting is that IVMS uses an Ethernet-based platform that allows remote connectivity and use with PC-based touchscreens. Owners and service technicians can access not just current information but also historical data about the boat’s operations, and the system can generate text messages or e-mails for triggers and alarms.

Learn more at www.kepmarine.com.