Videoworks Unveils Superyacht Details

The 213-foot ISA Classic Resilience has Videoworks installations for multiple systems.

Videoworks’ systems
Included in Videoworks’ systems installations for the ISA Classic Resilience is a 4K video projection system on the upper deck that’s iPad-controlled. Courtesy Videoworks

Videoworks has released details about multiple systems installations that it performed aboard the 213-foot ISA Classic Resilience.

For starters, Sonance speakers are used for indoor and outdoor audio systems. Every area of the yacht has a standalone Sonos player for music that loops into Airplay 2, so guests can customize their music selections.

On the upper deck, the exterior includes a 4K video projection system that is concealed in the ceiling when not in use. An iPad controls it, while the integrated audiovisual system is managed through a Crestron central processing unit.

The IT infrastructure is built with Cisco hardware, and internet connectivity is via a Peplink modem that interfaces with the yacht’s VSAT system—which means the yacht can have connectivity via cellular networks along the coast and via VSAT at sea. Network security and profiling are via a Kerio setup that includes a firewall, antivirus protection and filters. Satellite reception includes a SeaTel ku-band universal antenna.

There’s also a home automation system on board, with intelligent control of lights, blinds and air conditioning. The system is based on Lutron hardware, and users interface with it via an iPad.

What about closed-circuit television? Yes, Resilience has that, too, in a system built with Panasonic products. The network includes five high-resolution cameras.

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