Yachts that Feel Your Pain?

Videoworks envisions a system that monitors emotions and adapts the onboard environment to match.

Videoworks emotional intelligence
The system can recognize emotions through clues such as body posture and a person’s activity. Courtesy Videoworks

Videoworks is involved in a project that will let people’s emotions dictate the lighting and music aboard yachts.

The Miracle-MOHMI project, co-funded by the Marche Region ERDF program, is intended to create a system equipped with “emotional intelligence.” That means the tech will monitor a person’s emotions and then use a home automation system to adapt the living environment and improve comfort.

Videoworks made a prototype that’s testing the interface model aboard yachts and that could also be used in hotels and homes.


According to the company, the system’s computer vision and machine-learning algorithms, in combination with a network of cameras and sensors, recognize emotions through clues such as body posture and the person’s activity. The system then modifies things like lights and music to increase the person’s well-being.

Videoworks Miracle-MOHMI project
Using its “emotional intelligence” system, the Miracle-MOHMI project aims to enhance a living environment and improve comfort. Courtesy Videoworks

“Thanks to the collaboration with UNIVPM, the Polytechnic University of the Marche Region, the company has had access to a series of resources, knowledge and advanced technologies, with the aim of creating a prototype that, in the future, can become an adapted and enriched product to meet different needs,” Maurizio Minossi, chief technology officer of Videoworks, stated in a press release.

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