KVH Debuts KVH One Hybrid Network

Also new from KVH: TracNet Terminals.

KVH One H30
The KVH One network includes more than 106 million square miles of satellite coverage and is powered by Intelsat. Courtesy KVH Industries

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KVH Industries in Rhode Island has unveiled its KVH One hybrid network along with TracNet terminals for fast, reliable connectivity at sea and at the dock.

The KVH One network includes more than 106 million square miles of satellite coverage using KVH’s global, layered HTS network, powered by Intelsat. The network offers VSAT speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps (down/up), integrated support for 5G/LTE cellular service in more than 150 countries and the ability to add SIM cards for local service. TracNet terminals can also connect to shore-based Wi-Fi networks.

The TracNet H30, H60 and H90 terminals have satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi technology under one dome, with intelligent, automatic switching based on availability, cost and quality of data connection.

“Today, we are introducing a new standard for integration, convenience, speed and affordability for commercial seafarers and leisure boaters worldwide,” Brent Bruun, KVH’s president and CEO, stated in a press release. “Together, KVH One and the groundbreaking TracNet H-series terminals are the first to offer a fully integrated hybrid maritime solution of this type. We believe that they will deliver the best possible connectivity performance for nearly all types of vessels, even in rough seas or at high speeds.”

What are the KVH One airtime plans? There are unlimited-use and metered options, with month-to-month contracts for seasonal boaters.

Take the next step: visit kvh.com/one

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