Could You Use Better ICW Charts?

Navionics and its 1.5 million mobile-app users are offering a crowdsourcing solution.

Navionics crowdsourced ICW charts

Navionics is using the power of crowdsourcing to improve ICW charts.Courtesy Navionics

Navionics is harnessing the power of its mobile-app users to enhance the accuracy of Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) charts from Maine to Florida.

“Thanks to more than 1.5 million users of our mobile apps, we are able to deliver invaluable enhancements to charting data at an unmatched pace,” Don Black, global vice president of sales and marketing, stated in a press release. “Whether it is new hazards in the ICW, the impact of storms such as Hurricane Sandy or bodies of water that do not receive priority attention from hydrographic offices around the world, our content is updated every single day and ensures boaters access to the most accurate cartography available.”

Thanks to crowdsourcing information, all Navionics ICW charts will soon feature up-to-date commanding depths, vertical and horizontal bridge clearances, accurate speed limits, vertical overhead cable clearances, updated coastlines, improved shoal presentations and more. Navionics also plans to incorporate validated routes into its Autorouting function (one of the app upgrades).

Users of Navionics products can access SonarCharts and Community Edit features to participate in the charting improvements, and can upload their own information via PC or the mobile app.

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