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Bringing the LED Revolution into your Boat’s Interior

IMTRA’s new AcXent LED system not only gives off a cleaner, brighter light, it virtually disappears into the headliner.

January 29, 2016
Acxent LED
The AcXent LED linear lighting system is a high-lumen LED system operating on a 24-volt DC system. IMTRA

LED lighting on yachts and sailboats has made significant technical strides in the last five years. The clunky, individual bulbs in earlier LED lights have given way to seamless lighting systems with the same lumen strength and warm color properties as halogen lighting, at a fraction of the power draw.

IMTRA has assumed a leadership position in the boating industry’s lighting technologies, having introduced a new generation of high-flux LED lights that combine smart electronics with advanced optics and efficient thermal management. Its new AcXent LED linear lighting system is a perfect example of a high-lumen LED system operating on a 24-volt DC system. The AcXent’s output of 572 lumens per foot really lights up a salon or stateroom, while its housing remains under the headliner, leaving the light flush with the ceiling. The innovative design is used in new boat builds and refits to improve the quality of light while adding flair to the interior design.

“AcXent was designed to have a significantly different impact than traditional individual down lights,” says Colby Chevalier, IMTRA’s lighting sales manager. “One of our goals with AcXent was to make the lighting disappear into the overhead when it’s turned off. It gives a clean look and makes the room appear larger. When AcXent’s on, the room is bathed in a warm light.”


IMTRA spent a great deal of time designing the light to achieve maximum efficiency. Its extruded aluminum “Heatsink” housing was designed to diffuse heat, while the Luminit Light Shaping Diffuser over the light has a holographic embedded pattern for seamless light blending. The diffuser has 92 percent transmission efficiency and is UV stabilized. The BrightWhite 98 Reflective trim boosts light output by 30 percent. The light is designed to be connected to the vessel’s stringer system and remain flush with the headliner. “The result is a beautiful light form that seems to appear by magic when it’s turned on,” says Chevalier.

Everything about AcXent was carefully conceived, down to the 3,000K warm-white color. “The light accentuates the interior space,” says Chevalier. “We noticed a great improvement in light quality and the way it accentuates fabrics, wood finishes, skin tones and even food aboard.”

On larger yachts, AcXent is being used for a “wall wash” effect that enhances the natural beauty of hardwood or stone veneers. “We see it as another tool for yacht designers,” says Chevalier. “They can do almost anything with the shapes of the lights. It can be configured like a square, rectangle or even starburst pattern. For refits, it really adds a modern edge, whereas older lighting can make an interior look dated.”


The system’s specifications are as impressive as its versatility. Despite the light’s strong output, it draws only 6.4 watts per foot. It can be dimmed smoothly when connected to IMTRA’s Intervolt dimmer module. The pieces come in 8-foot lengths, but they can be cut to 4-inch sections, depending on the specific design.

AcXent’s ability to be sized for any job is also one of its stronger points. Many yachtbuilders are using AcXent as a designer feature on new models to differentiate boats from competitors. Boatyards are replacing older lighting on larger refit jobs for clients who want to upgrade and update with AcXent.

“Do-it-yourselfers are also using smaller AcXent pieces for lighting inside cabinets or even around vanities,” says Chevalier. “Its output of 572 lumens per foot provides great light quality, especially when you consider that a typical down light puts out 250 lumens per foot.”


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