Big Bandwidth, Smaller Package

Cobham’s 32-inch Sailor 800 VSAT performs like competitors in the 3-foot class.

Cobham Sailor 800 VSAT

The Cobham Sailor 800 VSAT is designed to offer big-unit performance in a smaller package.Henrik Vistoft

Cobham’s new Sailor 800 VSAT system features a 32-inch antenna that offers the same radio performance as antennas in the 3-foot class, making it ideal an an option for boaters who want big bandwidth without taking up a lot of onboard real estate.

The system ensures reliable connectivity for e-mail, web surfing, IP applications, VPN, conference calling and more across all major Ku-band VSAT services. It is reported to offer equal or higher RF performance (G/T=18.2dB/K) than larger units and is based on the same technology as the existing Cobham Sailor 900 VSAT antenna system.

“With Sailor 800 VSAT, yacht owners can choose a more compact antenna that is easier to deploy but still enables the same or better broadband service normally associated with larger antennas,” Casper Jensen, head of maritime for Cobham satcom, stated in a press release. “Its compact form enables owners to consider the visual impact of antennas on their yachts whilst still getting the all-important high performance usually found in antennas with much larger radomes.”

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