Bertrams in Paradise

Want to see Bertrams in their natural state? Visit Panama, where the fish are so abundant it staggers the imagination.

October 4, 2007
The moody ruins of Panama Viejo. Roy Attaway
Bertram 67 Acqua Belle cruising past the skyline of Panama city, en route to the islands. Roy Attaway
Hammocks of Hacienda Del Mar, on Isla San Jose. Roy Attaway
Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal. Roy Attaway
Male Toucan. Roy Attaway
Acqua Belle at anchor in Isla Contradora. Roy Attaway
The main building (and dining room) and pool at Hacienda Del Mar on Isla San Jose. Roy Attaway
Pulpo (octopus) stewed with garlic, fried plantains and mixed veggies, at Restaurant Mi Ranchito, in Panama City. Roy Attaway
Plaza Francia (French Plaza), in Casco Viejo. Roy Attaway
Acqua Belle returning to Panama City. Roy Attaway
Roy Attaway

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