Beneteau and Peugeot Unveil Sea Drive Concept

The steering station for yachts adapts ease-of-use concepts from automobiles.

Beneteau sea drive conceptCourtesy Beneteau

Beneteau and Peugeot have unveiled their Sea Drive Concept, a steering station that integrates the yacht company's Ship Control technology with the automaker's i-Cockpit technology.

The idea behind the Sea Drive Concept is an intuitive helm setup that incorporates the features Beneteau introduced aboard the Gran Turismo 50 in 2017 — including the ability to control lights, air conditioning, bilge pumps, navigation and more — with Peugeot’s features from its 3008 and 5008 SUV models.

Those Peugeot features include a compact steering wheel, customizable head-up instrument panel and multifunction touchscreen.

“Apart from the pride we felt when Peugeot asked us to work on a common project based on connectivity, it seemed natural,” Luca Brancaleon, general manager of Beneteau, stated in a press release. “It is very exciting to see our two brands, both pioneers in their fields, working to further the boating experience.”

Beneteau sea drive conceptCourtesy Beneteau
Beneteau sea drive conceptCourtesy Beneteau