Manage Your Yacht with your iPhone

The GOST Tracker App shows vessel data — or fleet data — on smartphones and tablets.

GOST tracker app, Gostglobal

GOST tracker app

The GOST Tracker App allows owners and captains to monitor multiple yachts with ease.Courtesy Gostglobal

Global Ocean Security Technologies has released the GOST Tracker App. It lets yacht owners link to vessel data from Nav-Tracker and other GOST tracking systems via smartphone or tablet, by way of a secure interface.

Once logged into the system, yacht owners and captains can remotely monitor and control the onboard devices for either a single yacht or a fleet of yachts. The GOST Tracker App displays a map with icons showing each yacht’s position, and clicking on each yacht’s icon brings up details including lat/lon, speed and heading.

The GOST Tracker App also lets yacht owners remotely arm or disarm a boat’s geo-fence, and the app will send an immediate notification if the yacht moves or if an alarm from a full GOST onboard system is tripped.

“We constantly strive to streamline and simplify customer interaction with their tracking system, and vastly improve the user experience,” Jay Keenan, CEO and president of GOST, stated in a press release. “With the combination of our tracking app and the notifications Nav-Tracker provides, our system gives users those few extra moments that can mean the difference between prevention and tragedy.”