101-Meter Yacht Concept Mauna Kea

SuperYachtsMonaco and Robert Curtó are collaborating on the build.

Mauna Kea is 331 feet LOA with a beam of 46 feet.Courtesy Superyachts Monaco

Mauna Kea is named after a Hawaiian volcano, so it's ironic that it won't be fire, but instead water — specifically her water feature — that most people notice about her first. The mega yacht has a water slide on her aft portion that will make her jump out from the crowd.

She's named after the Hawaiian volcano, Mauna Kea.Courtesy Superyachts Monaco

The steel-hulled boat with an aluminum superstructure will draw over 16 feet and have a 46-foot beam. Her crew will consist of 22 highly skilled people charged with pampering her lucky passengers. The imagined yacht, which is a collaboration between SuperYachtsMonaco and Robert Curtó of RC Designs, will have a helipad that will allow her guests to whisk off to land if they so desire.

Mauna Kea is a result of a collaboration between SuperYachtsMonaco and Robert Curtó.Courtesy Superyachts Monaco

Since 2004 Curtó has worked on over 70 yachts, including ones as large as 72 meters, and his expertise should be put to the full test should this mega yacht ever come to fruition. It’s quite a striking project, so let’s hope it does.