1,000-dollar bottle of water

Louisiana charity sells contaminated bottles of water for disaster relief.

June 16, 2010


Kevin Voisin

When southern Louisiana oyster company owner and city councilman Kevin Voisin looked out at the oil covered Gulf he saw not ruined product but opportunity.

He began a non-profit organization named Bottles of Hope that bottles the contaminated Gulf water and sells it as a souvenir of the disaster for $1,000 each. Profits go directly into the hands of the working class laborers that need it most.

“We’ve seen a real outpouring of compassion,” said Voisin.


There is no application process to get help from Bottles of Hope. The foundation seeks to find those who need financial assistance from the owners of local fishing companies and looks to help pay their rent and put food on the table.

To date, $20,000 have been raised, but with large commitments Voisin is confident they will reach their goal of raising $2 million.
“There is a tremendous short term need and if we wait around for help from BP it’s going to be a sad day in Southern Louisiana,” said Voisin.


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