10 Eye-Catching Yacht Concepts from 2016

In 2016, designers produced a wide variety of interesting yacht concepts.

December 16, 2016

1. Tetrahedron

Schwinge Yachts, Tetrahedron


Schwinge Yachts’ Tetrahedron. Courtesy Schwinge Yachts

Tetrahedron is a three-based pyramid with four faces and six leading edges, and is reportedly designed to travel at speeds up to 38 knots.

2. Choice

Feadship, Choice
Feadship’s Choice. Courtesy Feadship

Feadship’s Choice concept has an unusual propulsion setup. Her two 82-foot tenders are designed to be part of the yacht’s of hybrid, diesel-electric propulsion system.

3. Hareide Design’s 354-Foot Superyacht

Hareide Design, Superyacht, Concept
Hareide Design’s 354-foot superyacht. Courtesy Hareide Design

If you’re looking for a yacht that has a garden, lots of windows, solar power, and a helipad then Hareide Design’s 354-foot superyacht could be for you. .


4. Nouveau

Andy Waugh Design, Nouveau
Andy Waugh’s Nouveau. Courtesy Andy Waugh Design

Andy Waugh’s Nouveau has an avant-garde design that includes floor-to-ceiling windows.

5. Kraken

Gray Design, Kraken
Gray Design’s Kraken. Courtesy Gray Design

Gray Design’s Kraken is a futuristic-looking design inspired by the Vapour GT, a car concept by Gray Design.

6. CF8

Sea Level Yacht Design and Engineering, CF8
Sea Level Yacht Design and Engineering’s CF8. Courtesy Sea Level Yacht Design and Engineering

Sea Level Yacht Design and Engineering’s CF8 has a sleek, sharp design from bow to stern. Inside, there will be reportedly enough space for a car showroom.


7. Epiphany

Epiphany, Andy Waugh Design
Andy Waugh’s Epiphany. Courtesy Andy Waugh Design

Andy Waugh’s Epiphany is a 426-foot superyacht with expansive decks. The the main pool and lounge are located on the aft deck, which converts into a helipad.

8. Solaris

Duffy London, Solaris
Duffy London’s Solaris Global Cruiser. Courtesy Duffy London

Duffy London’s Solaris Global Cruiser is designed for long-range, solar-powered voyaging. Her main sources of energy will come from solar and electric. And alcohol?

9. Studio at Sea

VPLP Design, Studio at Sea

Studio at Sea

VPLP Design’s Studio at Sea. Courtesy VPLP Design

VPLP Design’s Studio at Sea is a catamaran powered by solar and wind energy.


10. Gotham

Icon Yachts, Gotham
Icon Yachts’ Gotham. Courtesy Icon Yachts

If Batman had a superyacht, Gotham would be the one. Her all-black exterior and bold lines would fit right into the Dark Knight’s toy collection. She’s scheduled for a spring 2019 delivery.


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