Solaris: Going Green Globally

Duffy London's Solaris Global Cruiser is designed for long-range, solar-powered voyaging.

December 4, 2016
Solaris, Duffy London
Duffy London’s Solaris Global Cruiser. Courtesy Duffy London
Solaris, Design, Yacht, Duffy London
Her main sources of energy will come from solar, electric and alcohol power. Courtesy Duffy London

Design company Duffy London has revealed renderings of a solar-powered cruiser concept built for global, green travel.

At 144 feet LOA, she’ll have plenty of space for solar panels to cover the majority of the top part of the yacht, including the unused space surrounding the flybridge.

Solaris is designed to be as green as possible: Her main sources of energy will come from solar, electric and alcohol power. She will have six engines providing a total of 2,600 hp. Her estimated top hop? 45 knots.


Solaris will reportedly have a cruising speed of 28 knots and a fuel capacity of 2,380 kWh. According to Duffy, with advancing technologies in solar and battery power, it can create more energy with less space — a Moore’s law of sorts.

With this potentially infinite powering technology, Duffy aims to possibly create a superyacht that may never need refueling.

Her estimated build date is 2020.


Accommodations: 10 guests in five cabins.

Price: $ 31,616,875 (£25,000,000.00)

It is important that living in an environmentally friendly way and leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible is not only possible, it can also be luxurious, inspirational and provide a level of freedom and independence that fossil fuels never could.

Duffy London


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