Feadship's Future Concept Choice

Feadship releases the latest in its Future Concept designs at Monaco.

Choice, Feadship
Choice is the latest in the Feadship Future Concepts.Courtesy Feadship

Feadship announced its latest design in the Feadship Future Concept line at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The superyacht concept, named Choice, includes a beach with real sand, a stabilized pool, a detachable beach club, a two-person drone and two 82-foot tenders.

"... while normal tenders often enable their owners to head off into areas otherwise out-of-bounds for the mothership, few if any let them stay there for as long as they like."

- Feadship

When it comes to propulsion, Feadship definitely thinks outside the box. Choice's two 82-foot tenders are designed to be part of the yacht's of hybrid, diesel-electric propulsion system. The builder says that the mega-yacht should be able to cruise at 10 knots when running solely on electric power.

Choice, Feadship
The propulsion system layout of Choice.Courtesy Feadship

Choice's design has five decks and the superyacht does not have a traditional wheelhouse.

"Choice only requires a bridge lounge with some minor technical buttons for steering," Feadship stated in a press release.

The Feadship Future Concepts are "theoretical innovations," the Dutch company states. They are developed to challenge Feadship architects and the yachting community to push the boundaries of yacht design.