Wider Announces Sales Partnership for Superyachts

Northrop & Johnson will have exclusive rights for the Wider 170 and Wider 210 in North America.

169-foot Wider 170
Wider Yachts says the 169-foot Wider 170 can cruise at 14.5 knots for 4,700 nautical miles. Courtesy Wider Yachts

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Wider Yachts in Italy has announced a partnership that gives Northrop & Johnson yacht broker Joe Foggia exclusive sales and management rights for the Wider 170 and Wider 210, the two models that currently make up Wider’s superyacht range.

“We look forward to working with Northrop & Johnson in North America,” Marcello Maggi, who heads up W-Fin Sarl, the holding company that owns 100 percent of Wider equity, stated in a press release. “We have found that their unrivaled expertise in yacht sales and management, coupled with a deep reach both within the industry and with potential buyers, makes them an excellent match for the vision we have for our superyacht division.

“Furthermore, this agreement mirrors the one that Wider recently entered into with MarineMax,” Maggi added, “though that partnership is focused on the builder’s catamaran division.”

Where will Wider’s superyachts be built? In a new facility in Venice, Italy, that is dedicated to the production of superyachts.

Where to learn more: go to wider-yachts.com

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